Previous issues of Wax & Stamp

Wax & Stamp send out a wide range of genres, textures and styles. The only thing we shy away from is the mainstream. Every month is a surprise, as we don't let anyone know what we're sending out. To get a feel for the kind of stuff we send out, here are a few of our previous issues.

b12 baleric

Issue 23

Guest Selector: Jim Breese

Label head, Balaeric

faulty joy ease lightness

Issue 22

Guest Selector: Josh

Wax & Stamp

nointro owlmouse

Issue 21

Guest Selector: Tom Fika

Label Head - Fika Recordings

jessmorgan ette

Issue 20

Guest Selector: Lloyd Meredith

Label head - Olive Grove Records

city sadcity

Issue 19

Guest Selector: Andy Whittaker

Label Manager - R&S Records

ed002-jalbertpoi the-parrots-album-packshot-400x400

Issue 18

Guest Selector: Martin Fitzgerald


Auntie Flo fabreeze-brothers

Issue 17

Guest Selector: DJ Smokey

DJ and Podcaster

imageman seekersinternational-loversdedicationstation

Issue 16

Guest Selector: Ali

Wax & Stamp

manecho knifeworld

Issue 15

Guest Selector: Steve Davis

Snooker Champion and DJ

submotion dayzero

Issue 14

Guest Selector: Wil Benton


umo coves

Issue 13

Guest Selector: Ali

Wax & Stamp

321642 PHONICA002 LABELS:Layout 1 standard-fare

Issue 12

Guest Selector: Kate Lazda

Kid Canaveral, Lost Map Records

darkroom er

Issue 11

Guest Selector: Ruf Dug

Artist, DJ

tellison classy-dame

Issue 10

Guest Selector: Josh

Wax & Stamp

texture-like-sun tuff-love

Issue 9

Guest Selector: Josie Long

Comedian, Actor

spook-school dj-khalab

Issue 8

Guest Selector: DJ Cull

Wax & Stamp Subscriber, DJ

highspeeds waffles

Issue 7

Guest Selector: Josh

Wax & Stamp

nathaniel secondlayer

Issue 6

Guest Selector: Lauren Martin


sevendavis jogru

Issue 5

Guest Selector: Jack Clothier

Jurassic Pop, Label head - Alcopop! Records

ruf-dug ragnbone

Issue 4

Guest Selector: Luke

Wax & Stamp

sensiblerecords firstword

Issue 3

Guest Selector: DJ Gilla

DJ, Label head - First Word Records

wganda youngguv

Issue 2

Guest Selector: Sean Price

Label head, Fortuna POP!

only-real toddterje

Issue 1

Guest Selector: Bill Brewster

DJ, Author and Journalist