— Issue 91 —

Genres in this issue: afrobeat, samba, funk and reggae, house, broken beat, disco
Sam Redmore Unversal Vibrations

Sam Redmore

Universal Vibrations
Selected by Mike (Wax & Stamp)
PC Spirit feel


Spirit Feel
Selected by Nolan (Wax & Stamp)
The Letter
We hope this one finds you well! As we head deeper into Autumn, here are a couple of gems to keep you going and in good cheer. Here at W&S towers we’re once again looking into pressing our own album for you for next year. It’s early days yet, but getting a special release out for the 100th issue would be a great thing to get done. We’ll keep you posted on how things progress.

Now, onto the vinyl.

Our Album this month is a brand new debut issue from Sam Redmore. Best known for his remixing work (reworking tunes by the likes of Bob Marley, Q-Tip, Chic and Talking Heads) as well as his eclectic DJ sets, Sam has finally graced up with his own album, and it’s a good one! The influences here are wide ranging, from cumbia, afrobeat, samba, funk and reggae, through to house, broken beat, disco and everything in between. Unsurprising then that the album is called “Universal Vibrations.” Enjoy!

This month’s single is a rare for us 10” instead of the usual 12”s you’re used to. “Spirit Feel” is an unvault from 2018, and is released under the name PC, which it turns out is actually a pseudonym of Pacific Coliseum. The title track is about as deep as they come, with both the title track and B-side ‘Slow Motion’ luxuriating in their grooves. ‘Spirit Feel’ is a gently euphoric deep house roller with a slight lo-fi flavour. The looped jazz drum break, keyboard lick and gently purring saxophone bring to mind a collaboration between Lone and Pender Street Steppers.

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