Wax & Stamp send out a wide range of genres, textures and styles. The only thing we shy away from is the mainstream. Every month is a surprise, as we don't let anyone know what we're sending out. To get a feel for the kind of stuff we send out, here are a few of our previous issues.

What if I don’t like what you send to me?

Unfortunately we don’t offer returns, so joining does require you placing some trust in us. But we like to think part of the joy of Wax & Stamp is discovering genres and artists that you wouldn’t usually pick up, and listening to things you thought you wouldn’t like. And of course you can always resell anything you really don’t like!

I signed up xx weeks ago where are my records?

We send out within the first two or three weeks of the month so if you order after the cut off date, you won’t receive anything until the the following month. Similarly, if you sign up just before or on the cut off date, your records will arrive within the following two or three weeks (depending on your location). You’ll get a shipment email in your inbox as soon as they’ve left the mailhouse!

Can you press/co-press and release my vinyl?

At the moment, we don’t press vinyl. However, it still doesn’t hurt to get in touch, as we’re always interested in new and exciting things, and at the very least may be able to point you in the right direction.

Can you send out my/my mate’s/my dog’s record?

We can’t promise anything, but we’re always keen to hear new music. Send through all and any of your music to our email and we’ll have a listen.

Where are my records?

If we’ve sent you an email to let you know your records are on their way and they haven’t arrived within 5 days (if you’re in the UK), then the first thing to do is to call your local mail depot. Because of the size of the packages, sometimes they get left there and the reminder slip goes walkabout at your end. If there’s still no joy, get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can sort out for you.

How do you send your records?

We send all our records in lovely, sturdy DEFENDA MusicMax vinyl packaging. We’ve tried a few different ways, and this is by far the best way for us to make sure the vinyl gets to you with no bumps or scrapes. For delivery, we use Royal Mail, who haven’t let us down yet.

When will my records arrive?

We send out our records within the first two weeks of the month and they should arrive anytime after that. UK deliveries within a few days however if you’re overseas it can take longer depending on your countries postal service.

What genres do you send out?

All of them. It sounds silly, but to give you an idea we have so far sent out: dream pop, cosmic disco, 60s pop, afrobeat, hip-hop, indie-punk, soul, minimal house, funky beats, rock and roll, post-punk, disco, minimal pop, indie-pop, instrumental hip-hop, funky house, indie-rock, post-dubstep, ambient progressive, pop, prog, ambient electronica and chillout. As a rule of thumb, we tend to stay away from extremes (I doubt we’ll be sending out any gabba or nordic metal soon, but who knows), and tend to stay away from anything too mainstream (sorry, no Tay Tay).

Can I select a record?

When we choose our guest selectors, we generally choose from people we follow or know to make sure we can trust that their choice is going to suit our subscribers. However, it’s worth getting in touch with us, as we’re always looking to meet new awesome people with awesome taste.

Can I buy Wax & Stamp as a gift?

Of course! All you need to do is click the ‘This is a gift’ box when you sign up. Unfortunately we don’t offer timed gifts, so you’ll just need to remember to log back in and cancel when you want to. Alternatively, if your giftee wants to keep subscribing, then get in touch and we can arrange a changeover of details.

How do I skip or cancel my subscription?

You can manage your subscription by logging in to the admin panel. There you have the option to skip for a month or cancel.

Can I buy a one off issue?

Unfortunately we don’t have the capability at the moment to allow a single purchase. However, what you can do is sign up and then it’s up to you whether you want to cancel after one month or not. We don’t try and lock people in with crazy loopholes or notice periods. If you cancel before your next renewal date, we won’t recharge you. All you need to do is log into your account and hit ‘Cancel subscription’.

Do you deliver to [insert country here]?

Short answer, yes. Long answer, yes but for anywhere outside the UK we charge a small shipping fee. This is purely based on how much it costs to ship the vinyl and make sure it arrives to you in one piece.

UK shipping is free.

How Do You Select Your Records?

Each month we choose a selector, who’s taste in music we admire. They could be anyone, from fellow DJs or label heads to writers or designers. They’ll choose an LP, EP or single that they think should be owned and heard by everyone. Then Ali, Luke or Josh will choose a contrasting record to accompany the choice. We’ll jot down the reasons we chose the record, as will the guest selector, and then we’ll package it all up and send it out for your eager ears.

That’s why it’s hard to pin down the genres we will be sticking to. The promise we will make is that nothing we send out will be of the mass-market variety. We’re aiming to build your collections, not provide you with doubles. We’ll also make sure that each month has at least one LP and one EP or single. That way you’re getting value for money.

Ready to join the club?

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