— Issue 95 —

Genres in this issue:  funk, afro-brazilian, gospel, disco, folk-pop
Black Peaches fire in the hole

Black Peaches

Fire In The Hole
Selected by Luke (Wax & Stamp)
altared disco divine who

Divine Who

Altared Disco EP
Selected by Mike (Wax & Stamp)
The Letter
Before we talk records, a quick thanks to everyone who sent in their feedback and ratings over the last couple of months. We welcome and appreciate all feedback, and are looking forward to finding some of the genres/styles that you requested.

Now, onto the vinyl.

Our Album this month is a lovely slice of pre-covid folk pop. Black Peaches have been around since 2016, and this is their second album, “Fire in the Hole.” Black Peaches build out fusiony tracks with their combination of funk-ridden grooves (Lemonade), delta blues, Afro-Brazilian rhythms (Barracuda) and 70’s FM pop (Cuatro Berimbau) in a genre-spanning album filled with pop hooks and interesting experimentation. You might know multi-talented member Rob Smoughton, a member of Hot Chip and Scritti Politti. This one has many layers, so is worth putting on regular rotation for a good while!

Now for the 12” - We’ve done a lot of searching and asking around about this one, and not much info is available about the artist or the release. We’re suckers for a strong female vocal here at W&S, and ”Altared Disco” by Divine Who purports to be a collection of discofied reworks of gospel numbers. Much more than that is not known, but we’ve enjoyed smashing this one out at full volume in the spring sunshine!

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