— Issue 87 —

Genres in this issue: funk, breakbeat, soul, acid
daytoner remote connections


Remote Connections
Selected by Mike (Wax & Stamp)
subtraxive night moves


Night Moves EP
Selected by Mike (Wax & Stamp)
The Letter
Hopefully you’ll have been benefiting as much as we have from the heatwave that has hit most of Europe over the last week or so. There has been lots of working from gardens and balconies here in London, while we wait for festival season to well and truly kick off.

Now, on to the vinyl.

Our album this month is a happy, funky party starter that should complement the lovely sunshine! We’ve been following Daytoner here at W&S for quite a few years, and we’ve been living their mix of original funk tunes and covers of some of the biggest classics in the genre (see the “Apache Street” 7” for a tough dancefloor filler). They are also festival stalwarts, with over 50 appearances globally under their belts.
This latest album, “Remote Connections” is named well as it is another lockdown piece, written by the band from their various covid hideaways. It caught our ear as it’s rare these days to find an album that is such consistent quality, where you want to listen to every tune. Get this one on in the garden & entertain your neighbours!

This month’s 12” is a very accomplished breakbeat debut from producer Subtraxive. We don’t know too much about them at the moment, but knew we had to grab this for you as soon as we heard “Circles,” the first track on the EP. It is a great breaksy stomper that immediately evokes a flavour of the early ‘90s. The rest of the record is class. The “Nightmoves EP” is real mix of styles that all reference that era, with notes to early acid techno, hardcore. electro and ambient. Enjoy!

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