— Issue 32 —

Genres in this issue: disco, nu-disco, indie, indie-pop

Maurice Moore & The Family Affair Band (Floating Points edit)

Everything That Shines Ain't Gold

Selected by Josh (Wax & Stamp)

Charly Bliss


Selected by Kathryn Woods (Fresh - Singer & Guitarist)

The Letter

First up is Luke’s guest selector. Some of you will already have been introduced to Kathryn Woods’ voice, as she’s the frontperson of Issue 30’s band Fresh. As I mentioned then, they’ve been taking the UK and Europe by storm, and been leading the charge on the new wave of UK DIY indie-punk. Here’s what she has to say about the record she’s chosen:

“I have been in love with Charly Bliss since I first heard their EP Soft Serve. Guppy feels very connected to their previous stuff, but it’s also a lot more adventurous and, with a whole album instead of a short EP, everything seems to run that much deeper. Every time I listen I discover new things to love. They have created this warm, happy, fuzzy space in my music library. The guitars are particularly interesting and complex and Eva’s vocals are wonderful.”

Next up is Josh’s record… “Something really special here: a re-edit of an old funk rarity. Everything That Shines Ain’t Gold is a feel-good belter that gets stretched out perfectly by Floating Points. The Original is on the A and the re-edit on the B. One of my favourite reissues/re-edits of the year.”