— Issue 25 —

Genres in this issue: electronica, folk, minimal, neo-classical


Love Lows

Selected by Alison (Wax & Stamp)

Allred & Broderick

Find the Ways

Selected by Robert Raths (Erased Tapes label boss)

The Letter

Love Lows is the eagerly anticipated first EP from Tooting boy Mined, signed to Peacefrog Records. As suggested by the title, Love Lows explores the melancholy, sadder side to love. But despite its subject matter, there is something very warm and meditative about his work; it’s quintessential British electronica. Mistakes is my stand out track and speaking about the song, Mined explains, “Mistakes was written as an apology. The whole EP is about a relationship that has since broken down. It’s the first song I wrote on the EP. I had the lyrics done in about 5 minutes, it’s about selfishly doing/saying things in the heat of the moment and describes a genuine series of events that I think a lot of people will be able to empathise with.”

Next up is Josh’s guest. Last month, I heard an interview with Erased Tapes label boss Robert Raths. I’ve long liked Nils Frahm so it was great to hear Raths talk about the rest of his roster. I asked him for his favourite release to send out and he’s picked Allred & Broderick’s Find the Ways. Cracking release from an ever great label.