— Issue 13 —

Genres in this issue: pop, dream-pop, indie, electro

Unknown Mortal Orchestra / SILICON

Can't Keep Checking My Phone / Cellphone

Selected by Luke (Wax & Stamp)



Selected by Ali (Wax & Stamp)

The Letter

First up was our new CMO, Alison’s pick. Here’s a few words she said about Peel: “I’m a big fan of Coves (and not just because they hail from my hometown of Leamington Spa), so was pleased to see the release of their second album coincide with my turn as guest selector. their brand of hazy shoe-gazy indie pop is perfect for long summer days.”

Next up was Luke’s pick. Unknown Mortal Orchestra have quickly become one of the most talked about indie bands in the last twelve months, with an infectious brand of quirky, soul-infused pop. However, this collaboration with SILICON, with each reworking the others’ song, takes it to the next level. The A-side makes us desperate for sun-drenched roof terraces, and the point in the night where putting your drink down and getting a little dance on is deemed acceptable.