— Issue 80 —

Genres in this issue: psychedelic, acid folk, electronic, trip hop, alt-rock
shadeemus atlantis


Selected by Mike (Wax & Stamp)
cloud of i the gazing ep

Cloud of I

The Gazing EP
Selected by Mike (Wax & Stamp)
The Letter
So, this is the month. We’ve been teasing this for what seems like forever and it is finally here. Our first pressing on our own label! Needless to say we are super excited (and relieved) that we are now sending you an album sourced and pressed by us.

When we first heard some of the band Shadeemus’ work, we thought it was perfect for Wax and Stamp. Shadeemus consists of three members: Scott Xylo, a British producer & Songwriter of Jamaican descent and Adam, a Welsh guitarist. Their influences are as wide ranging and eclectic as they are; an atmospheric melange of trip hop, psych and ‘90s alt rock is the result. “Atlantis” is a dreamy trip that takes you on a real journey through their minds. You can check out more about them at Shademus.com

Now for this month’s single, which is a great complement to the album. Dreamt up in the 18th District in a Paris squat, and realised back in her spiritual home of Tel Aviv, Cloud of I is Yuli Shafiri’s first musical incarnation. Yuli is truly international, her mother being from the Iraqi-Jewish community of India and her father’s family being Latvian and Lithuanian. Her sound blurs somewhere between fuzzed-out psychedelic acid folk and intense, layered electronic euphoria full of influences from the Middle East. “The Gazing EP” is almost completely sold out, so we were very lucky to get a hold of it for you. Enjoy!

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