— Issue 77 —

Genres in this issue: cinematic, ambient, funk, disco, jazz-funk,  
Tala Vala Modern Hysteric


Modern Hysteric
Selected by Mike (Wax & Stamp)

BILLY Cobham

Selected by Mike (Wax & Stamp)
The Letter
A warm hello from W&S towers! As the summer moves on, we’ve been digging hard for new tunes to bring you. It has been a great August for this, with lots of exciting conversations going with independent record labels and artists about getting you that vinyl over the next few months. If you didn’t already know, we like to source music that pays the artist as much as possible, & we try to go directly to the source, so you can be happy to know you’re helping support independent and up and coming artists!

Now, on to the vinyl:

This month’s album is “Modern Hysteric” from Tala Vala. John Roffe-Ridgard is a producer and former touring musician and Ben Locket is a composer for TV and Film. The pair began making music in 2017 and self-released their first EP on a limited vinyl run. This one is really hard to categorise, so we won’t! It’s an analogue-recorded mix of soundscapes and emotive instrumentals that deserves to be played loud, and you can definitely hear the cinematic influences. Lovely.

The 12” is a super cool one. The second in a series of remixes of Jazz/Fusion drummer Billy Cobham’s work. If you don’t know of him, go and check out his work with Miles Davis, Mahavishnu Orchestra and his own albums; “Spectrum” is a highlight. This 12” is full of modern twists on his Jazz-Funk flavour, and overall it brings to mind being at a sunny roof terrace or beach bar with friends and a strong mojito or two. “Let me Breathe” is the highlight for me. Enjoy!

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