— Issue 75 —

Genres in this issue: middle eastern, big brass band, ethio jazz, psych rock, alternative, indie


Cold Heat
Selected by Mike (Wax & Stamp)


Colour from the Doves
Selected by Luke (Wax & Stamp)
The Letter
As always, we have a very eclectic selection of music for you this month. We’ve been hard at work scouting new bands and labels for you, and are also looking at the possibility of pressing a second record for the end of this year. More info on that to come!

Now, on to the vinyl:

Our album this month is an excellent bit of work from Bristol’s Our Nameless Boy. Those of you who were with us might remember our guest selector a couple of months ago, Joe Booley of Beth Shalom Records. This is his label’s latest release. A storming bit of indie/emo, inspired by the emotionally charged ‘quiet/loud’ frenetic dynamics of the late ‘90s/‘00s US alternative scene, Our Nameless Boy bring their own brand of raucous energy to their songs, which are both hard-hitting and subtle in their intricacies. One to play loud!

This month’s 12” is a crazy mix of Middle Eastern vibes and a big brass band sound. It pulls from many influences including Jazz, psych rock, cinematic soundtracks and more. We’ve been fans of Kolonel Djafaar for some time now, and as soon as this 4 tracker, “Cold Heat” dropped into our laps, we knew it had to be in a W&S box. Equally at home soundtracking a dinner party, or played early at a bar or club to usher in a luxurious night out, we love this one and hope you will too!

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