— Issue 71 —

Genres in this issue: post-punk, electro-funk, dub techno, African, Latin
ESG Keep on Moving


Keep On Moving
Selected by Luke (Wax & Stamp)
Joaquin Cornejo - Las Frutas EP

Joaquín Cornejo

Las Frutas EP
Selected by Mike (Wax & Stamp)
The Letter
Can you smell that? It’s spring creeping round the corner. This is the time of year in the UK where the winter starts retreating, and we start thinking positive thoughts about the year to come (well I do at least). We’ve already done a fair amount of that here at Wax and Stamp, and have some great stuff lined up for this year, including a guest selector or two, some interesting competitions where you’ll be able to win some more music, and also our first vinyl pressed in-house! (More on that in a few month’s time). It should be a fun ride for us all.

So, onto this month’s selection: Our February LP is a great unvault from a band that is iconic among sample heads and crate diggers; ESG. You may recognise their influence if you know LCD soundsystem, or from an advert or two, or the many, many samples throughout hip hop from Dillla to Biggie. The album is called “Keep on Moving,” and is a minimalistic fusion of hip-hop, electro, punk, funk and pop.

Now, the single. Joaquin Cornejo is an Ecuadorian DJ and producer with a unique slant on electronic music, born from moving to Manchester and discovering rave, techno and UK Garage. The ‘Las Frutas’ EP contains 6 genre-bending, tempo-shifting tracks that form to create a mesmerising blend of footwork, dub, Latin & African percussion. This is Joaquin’s first vinyl release., and features collabs with a diverse range of talented musicians. My personal favourite on the EP is “Spatial Request,” which brings back the feel of ‘90s club chill out rooms in spades. Enjoy!

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