— Issue 64 —

Genres in this issue: roots reggae, electronic, trip hop, downtempo
Mounika I Need Space


Mounika I Need Space
Selected by Mike (Wax & Stamp)
Pass it on i kong

Pass It On

I Kong
Selected by Mike (Wax & Stamp)
The Letter
Well, July came about quickly didn’t it? It feels like time goes by both very fast and very slow when you’re locked down. We are slowly venturing out again here in London, & the sun seems like it might be a bit obliging by showing its face once in a while this summer. Socially distanced parks, pub gardens and gigs here we come.

This month we have a little bit of a different arrangement for you in the box. Instead of an album and a single, we have two albums! In the spirit of trying new things and seeing what you the subscribers think, we thought we would try this to get you some bonus value.

The first choice is “I Need Space” by Mounika, which feels like an appropriate title for the current climate. Mounika is a producer from Poitiers in France who has put together a beautiful album of emotive beats and soundscapes. A bit trip hoppy, a bit cinematic and a bit indescribable, this album is perfect for lying in the sun and thinking about life, the universe and everything (or nothing). The album is a limited edition of 500, and as soon as we heard it, we knew we had to scramble to get enough for everyone & were lucky to manage it!

Second up we have “Pass It On” by I Kong. Now this is an album from a few years back that was very much lauded in the reggae scene, but never gained huge traction in the wider world. We managed to get in touch and work with Fruits records to get our hands on this classic from their vaults for you all. The album is 100% lovely, organic roots reggae and features some real legends of the genre, including Ken Boothe and Judy Mowatt, who guests on “Motherless Child,” which is the absolute star of the album for me.

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