— Issue 63 —

Genres in this issue: Afro funk, Afro Disco, broken beat, spoken word
Africa Airways Six

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Africa Airways Six
Selected by Mike (Wax & Stamp)
Footshooter Libations and Movement EP


Libations and Movement EP
Selected by Mike (Wax & Stamp)
The Letter
It’s Mike here, some of you may have seen me on the Facebook group, or possibly we’ve chatted on email already. I joined Wax and Stamp a couple of months ago, & will be helping the team bring you ever more new, interesting and obscure music.

The world just keeps getting crazier and crazier at the moment, and it feels like a weird time to be putting together my first choices for W&S when so many serious shifts are happening. Music has always been a tool of positive change and support, & we’re looking at ways that we can help the various causes that need it at the moment. More on this when we’ve figured things out.

On to this month’s choices. It is father’s day on the 21st of June in the UK, so I thought I’d go with an album inspired by my dad’s music taste. He was a very well travelled man who lived in Africa twice, and loved the music of the continent. Some of my earliest memories of growing up are of sitting in the car with him, windows open with some Fela Kuti or Osibisa blaring out. So, when I saw that the Africa Seven label were putting out their latest funk compilation, Africa Airways Six, it was an easy one to go for. This one’s for you old man.

Second up we have the Libations & Movement EP from Footshooter, aka DJ and producer Barney Whittaker. This is the sound of London for me right now. It’s not often that we come across an EP with six separate tunes on it of such quality. If pressed, I’d say the tune of the EP is ‘LAY’ ft Natty Wylah, one of south London’s rising poets, but the entire thing is a ride of broken beats, serious bassline drops and slick lyricism. Enjoy, and watch out for an interview with Barney coming soon.

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