— Issue 55 —

Genres in this issue: midwest, math-rock, indie-pop, punk, indie
The Yacht Club

The Yacht Club

The last words that you said to me have kept me here and safe
Selected by Luke (Wax & Stamp)
Gaffa Tape Sandy Family Mammal

Gaffa Tape Sandy

Family Mammal
Selected by Luke (Wax & Stamp)
The Letter
First up is the album. We don’t often do two months in a row in the same genre, but I couldn’t pass up The Yacht Club’s debut album The Last Words That You Said To Me Have Kept Me Here and Safe (they also win the prize for the longest album title we’ve ever sent). Another slice of mathy-folk-indie, this record is filled with so many lovely little guitar licks, with two super talented singers soaring above the lush musical bedding. This is a great record to listen to when the leaves are falling, and pairs nicely with the Lakes record we sent last month.

Next up is the EP. Although, someone needs to have a word to Gaffa Tape Sandy and let them know that 8 tracks is basically an album (although I’m not complaining). Family Mammal (their second EP) is one of my favourite albums/eps/collection of songs I’ve heard this year. Infectious indie with a nice edge to it and some of the most damn catchy hooks you’ve ever heard (if you don’t have both ‘la da da da da daaa la dadada da’ or ‘I think you’re a little bit sadder than you let on’ stuck in your head, you need to go and get checked). I was so excited to send this one out that I made their label hold back these records because they were selling out, so you now have your hands on the last of their first pressing. This EP is full of certified bangers, guaranteed.

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