— Issue 51 —

Genres in this issue: indie-pop, alt-pop, house, deep house
The Ballet Matchy Matchy

The Ballet

Matchy Matchy
Selected by Luke (Wax & Stamp)
Girls of the Internet Love Delicious

Girls of the Internet

Love Delicious
Selected by Luke (Wax & Stamp)
The Letter
First up is the album. New York-based collective The Ballet are a weird bunch. Sitting somewhere between the lovely indie-pop of folks like Belle & Sebastian and the lighter side of electro, like LCD Soundsystem or Arab Strap at their most chill. Their latest, Matchy Matchy is a lush collection of off-kilter pop tunes. It’s the kind of album you’d put on in the dying hours of a house party and ride out the final buzz of too much alcohol. Personal favourites are the funky, almost Paul Simon-esque bassline of I’ve Been Wondering, and the lush multi-layered texture of 20, that feels like The Smiths hanging out with New Order.

Next up is the single. Girls of the Internet caught my attention last year thanks to Stamp The Wax (no relation). Love Delicious has got that soulful, lazy house sound that is perfect for a summer’s day. A little like Chromeo hanging out in Berlin clubs too much. Flipping the record over is a treat too, with two remixes that hit the perfect notes. Sully’s remix would go down a treat on a boat in the sunshine, with the breakbeat vibe giving it a funky twist, whereas Saine’s remix is pure deep house joy.

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