— Issue 5 —

Genres in this issue: hip-hop, funky house, indie-punk, indie-pop
Seven Davis

Seven Davis Jnr

Selected by Josh (Wax & Stamp)
joanna gruesome peanut butter

Joanna Gruesome

Peanut Butter
Selected by Jack Clothier ( Jurassic Pop, Label head - Alcopop! Records)
The Letter
July proved that June wasn’t such a special one off, with two LPs going out to our subscribers thanks to some lovely distributors.

Luke’s guest selector was Jack Clothier, label boss of the inimitable Alcopop! Records and frontman of dinosaur indie band, Jurassic Pop. We’ve actually come across Jack before, as Issue #4’s Sensible Record Label Compilation was masterminded by Jack! Here’s what he has to say about his choice, Joanna Gruesome’s Peanut Butter:

“It’s such a tough call picking a record for all you fine folk to listen to, but this has pretty much been my album of the year so far – and should you not have listened to Joanna Gruesome, now is ABSOLUTELY the time. Imagine the best lo-fi grunge-influenced slick pop you’ve ever heard, times it by three and you’ll get JoGru. It’s a beautifully warm album – brilliantly wrought in liquid indie gold”

Josh’s pick for July was the brand new LP from Seven Davis Jr,Universes. Out on Ninja Tune, this record is soulful, full of funk, and has drum patterns that work as well in the club as in the home. Seven is well worth watching out for. He’s been around for a few years but this LP will be a turning point.

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