— Issue 3 —

Genres in this issue: indie-pop, dream pop, indie-punk, folk, hip-hop, breaks
Sensible Records

Various Artists

Sensible Record Labels 2015
Selected by Luke (Wax & Stamp)
First Word

Various Artists

First Word Records
Selected by DJ Gilla (DJ, Label head - First Word Records)
The Letter

First up this month is Josh’s guest selector. He chose local Peckham label boss DJ Gilla(First Word Records) to pick out a record. Here’s what he has to say, “I love compilation EPs like this – it’s so useful when you’re DJing to have a variety of styles on one piece of wax. This 10” has hip hop at it’s root, but explores everything from soulful instrumental beats to trap-style rap via old-skool style breaks and even a little footwork. Quite a wide range in many ways, but all stuff that I’d play out. This is one that won’t leave the box for years!”

Oddly enough, Luke picked a compilation this month as well, which he’d been trying to secure since Record Store Day last month. Alcopop Records has been one of my favourite labels for a while now, and when I saw that Jack was working on an exclusive Record Store Day release, where he gathered all of his favourite independent labels and got them all to input on a compilation, I was quite excited. I then had to try and convince Jack to put a pile aside for us so I could send them out to you. Sensible Record Labels includes some great folks like Bella Union, Transgressive, Big Scary Monsters and Fortuna POP!. Each has handpicked an exclusive track to include on this 11 track vinyl and each vinyl has a unique red/black/yellow crush of paint in the milky clear record. On top of that, each vinyl comes with a download card containing 150mb of downloadable content from each label. Pretty special, huh?

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