— Issue 23 —

Genres in this issue: balaeric, disco, IDM, ambient techno
B12 An Eternal Flame


An Eternal Flame
Selected by Josh (Wax & Stamp)
Balaeric 1 & 2

Various Artists

Balearic 1 & 2
Selected by Jim Breese (Label head, Balearic)
The Letter
First up is Josh’s choice. Any SNES fans remember Super Metroid? That game used to scare the shit out of me when I was young and a big reason was the haunting spacey soundtrack. When I first heard B12’s Indeterminate Path I was taken back to that childhood rush and fear. A great release from the decades old electronica duo.

Second, Ex-Cafe Mambo resident, Jim Breese, is our guest selector for February, and has chosen the Balearic compilation from his label of the same name. However, we couldn’t actually chose between Balearic 1 or Balearic 2, so we’ve sent half of you one and half of you two. We’d love to hear your feedback on what you think on both in our Facebook group: Wax & Stampers. Put together by Jim and fellow Ibiza veteran Chris Coco, the Balearic compilations are a beautifully hazy and lazy trip to the islands, exploring the lush, atmospheric, modern-day Balearic sound.

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