— Issue 19 —

Genres in this issue: Pop, indie-pop, experimental, electronica
LA Salami The City Nowadays

LA Salami

The City Nowadays
Selected by Luke (Wax & Stamp)
Sad City Shapes in Formation

Sad City

Shapes in Formation
Selected by Andy Whittaker (Label Manager - R&S; Records)
The Letter
First up this month is Josh’s guest selector. R&S Records have been one of the few electronica labels who have been consistent in bringing out the best of the best. From Aphex Twin to Derrick May, they’re responsible for over 30 years of amazing music. We were lucky enough to have Andy Whittaker, their label manager, choose this month’s LP: Sad City’s Shapes in Formation. Here’s what he had to say:

“Sad City’s Shapes In Formation has to be one of my favourite and most listened to albums of 2016. It’s an album in the old fashioned sense that needs to be enjoyed from start to finish to really open up it’s true beauty. It’s difficult to really boil down the essence of the music into a few words, and whilst you can hear the influences of ambient, krautrock, jazz, hip hop and house music all permeating through the grooves, this album showcases an artist who has constructed his own signature sound.”

Next up is Luke’s pick. Probably on the poppier side of anything we’ve picked in the past, LA Salami has all the elements of an artist that make my knees quiver: Honest vocals, scrapings of hip-hop, bare acoustic guitar and some damn fine songwriting. The City Nowadays has so much variety packed into two tracks. From the Loyle Carner meets Ed Sheeran of the title track to the stripped back indie-pop of Gets You Wondering.

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