— Issue 18 —

Genres in this issue: garage rock, Spanish, house
J. Albert Person of Interest EDR002

J. Albert / Person of Interest

Selected by Josh (Wax & Stamp)
The Parrots Los Niños Sin Miedo

The Parrots

Los Niños Sin Miedo
Selected by Martin Fitzgerald (RamAlbumClub)
The Letter
First up is our guest, Martin Fitzgerald. Martin runs RamAlbumClub, a site which gets awesome people to pick records that people have never heard before. Here’s what he has to say about his choice, Los Niños Sin Miedo by The Parrots:

“I like Spain, as a country. It’s probably my favourite holiday destination in Europe. Yet every time I go there I feel a bit sorry for its teenagers who are left with no option but to listen to the “traditional music” of their forefathers or whatever big English or American artists have made it through the language, and cultural, barrier. It’s like the last 60 years of Pop culture hasn’t happened and, as much I love the concept of tapas, you can’t help feel their missing out.

So, yeah, a great Spanish garage rock album was long overdue and this is denitely worth the wait.”

Next up is Josh’s selection: “Whenever I’m on single-picking duty, I try to and something a bit left-field, but sometimes there’s just some out-and-out solid house music. is J. Albert / Person of Interest split is a great slice of hazy, dusty, house. The A1 and B2 are standout killers.”
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