— Issue 17 —

Genres in this issue: Hip-hop, Afrofuturism, Middle Eastern
Auntie Flo Theory of Flo Remixes

Auntie Flo

Theory of Flo Remixes
Selected by Alison (Wax & Stamp)
Paul Nice and Phill Most Chill The Fabreeze Brothers

Paul Nice and Phill Most Chill

The Fabreeze Brothers
Selected by DJ Smokey (DJ and Podcaster)
The Letter
Our guest selector this month is the criminally not-well-known hip-hop DJ and podcaster, DJ Smokey. Smokey has supported some of the biggest names in hip-hop across the world, and is one half of the always entertaining Color Mechanics podcast. Here’s what he has to say about his choice:

“Maybe we should call ourselves the fabreze brothers because it’s feeling so fresh right now.” A quote taken from “The Other Guys” film that explains why the project formed by prominent DJ and producer Paul Nice, and veteran rapper and avid record collector/dealer Phill Most Chill was named the Fabreeze Brothers, because it’s fresh, fresh like Dougie.

Skilled and seasoned rapping gymnastics, clever sampling, crafty scratching and classic, organic, heavy-hitting-foot-tapping-head-nodding-drum-breaking beats are the ingredients that make up what is regarded by many heads as one of the best recent releases in the original hip hop game, so much that fans are pushing the project to release a vol. 2.

Word in the street is that there are at least 3 different versions of each track which are being slowly released on 7’s and a full instrumental version of the album on 12’s, denitely not bad for a couple of hip-hop vets that had only met in person once.”

Next up is Ali’s choice: Fresh on the heels of ‘Theory Of Flo‘, Auntie Flo releases this 12″ of remixes from the album. Put together by The Revenge and Highlife label mates, Mehmet Aslan and Cain, it gives us another dose of the funky, Afrofuturism and Middle Eastern beats which Auntie Flo and Highlife have become renowned for.
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