— Issue 11 —

Genres in this issue: ambient-progressive, minimal electronica, afrobeat
Darkroom Gravity's Dirty Work


Gravity's Dirty Work
Selected by Luke (Wax & Stamp)
ER In My Sleep EP


In My Sleep EP
Selected by Ruf Dug (Artist, DJ)
The Letter
Before anyone notices and thinks they’ve skipped a month, never fear… We’ve updated our Issue months to reflect the month you actually receive these packages, as opposed to when we buy them. Nothing else has changed, although there may be some more cosmetic changes coming in the coming months…

Now to this month’s choices. One of Josh’s favourite releases we sent out in 2015 was Ruf Dug’s Islands. So it comes with great pleasure to be able to pick the man himself as our first guest in 2016. Here’s what he had to say about his release:

“1432R is a label based in Washington DC that has rapidly established a unique identity – super cosmic afrofuturism drips off their records and forever stains anything it reaches. This is the label’s 7th release and it’s by the mysterious E.R. (Ethiopian Records) who’s a producer based in Addis Ababa.

To be honest I could have happily chosen anything from the label for this project, but I chose this one for a variety of reasons: Musically this one is completely out there… think Madlib’s craziest African explorations, but ten times more twisted; there are a nice bunch of flavours on this release which really show the label off to its fullest; the label art is extra extra dope. The artwork is always killer on 1432R releases but come on there’s a cosmic jaguar on this one.

if you like this record I highly recommend checking out the label – all the back catalogue is currently available at the right price and they have a bandcamp so if you are that way inclined, you can pick everything up digitally for peanuts.”

Now on to Luke’s selection. This month he’s gone for something a little less guitar-based with Darkroom’s Gravity’s Dirty Work. Darkroom are a two piece out of the UK who create sonic soundscapes that are perfect to turn all the lights off, lay back in a chair and get completely lost in.
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