Introducing Wax & Stamp

“Today, you will hear gospel, and rhythm and blues, and jazz.
All those are just labels. We know that music is music.”

In a speech that culminated in the hair-raising call and response of “I Am — Somebody,” I feel bad for quoting just three sentences of Jesse Jackson’s infamous speech. Yet those three sentences speak about music in a more articulate way than any other three sentences I’ve read.

In fact, it could probably be reduced to just one: we know that music is music.

It’s kids with thrashing guitars. It’s the man with old synthesisers turning dials. It’s the acapella vocalist and the visceral sound of a man beating his chest.

The way we follow music, however, is in a pattern. The pattern may be a genre or a style. It could be defined by a series of instruments in use. Maybe a record label or a city or a year. But to some degree we follow music through some pattern, some label.

I love music and hate when I get too trapped into one pattern or label for too long. Each year, I write an end of year list and constantly kick myself for not having been able to listen to it all.

Discovery of music is something music lovers all cherish. Those songs you hear for the first time in clubs or in mixes, at all-dayers, or in random £1 bins in charity shops.

Introducing Wax & Stamp

I started subscribing to Stack Magazines back in October and fell in love with it straight away. Each month, you get a different independent magazine. Something beautiful, something curated. From different places with different labels and from different genres.

If only there was something similar for vinyl, I thought.

A friend and former colleague Luke Murphy-Wearmouth has been running the Early Doors Disco parties for a while ago now and thought he might be on board with giving it a go. After a few conversations with Luke, we decided that we should take the dive and set it up.

It feels like the right time to do it. Vinyl sales are at their highest point in almost two decades. Admittedly two decades ago they were at their worst point in almost half a century, but that just means there’s more space for things to get better. Interest grows every day.

Wax & Stamp, launching in early 2015, will be a vinyl subscription club.

We haven’t finalised the pricing yet, but for about £15 you will get a couple of records sent to you each month. One of those will be chosen by Luke and myself. The other we will open up to a guest selector each month.

The cross section of shared tastes on the venn diagram between Luke and myself would be quite small, which we think will be half of the fun. Combined with the guest selector, it means having a varied but carefully curated selection delivered to your door. Following the principle that music is music.

If you would like to join up or register for our newsletter to find out more, then head over to now. And if you’re a music lover, record label owner, DJ, musician or anyone in between with thoughts on this, then drop either Luke or myself an email.